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Tiny Tiny Bug
JP (Scratches on the page, making noise. / New York City)

Tiny Tiny Bug

There you are upon a silver slim limb. I watch,
with an eye that's not dim. You look back with
a weary eye. Only, I see a bug before my eye.
Little tiny bug, taking a sanctuary space. Yet,
you have a halo hue grace. Looking at me, for
a sudden movement. I can feel you pace.

You made no noise before my common eye.
Only a movement, to tell me of your inner
sighs. I will sit for hours, to contemplate the
many wonders of you.

copyright 2004 POEWHIT
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Comments (2)

Yours is a mind all encompassing; seeing a bug you fall into full contemplation; united with one of God's creatures, enjoying its little existence. Lovely, Poewhit
i had a similar experience with a butterfly once...i dared not move lset she might be disturbed n that too while at a traffic signal! njoyed reading the bug(ging?) experience, cheer... indira