Tip For The Day

Somewhere in your conversation,
You have forgetten to mention...
It was you who took my attention,
And walked out on me!
You weren't around,
To see how low I had gotten.
Or what it took for my slow recovery!

Struggles to maintain my dignity and faith,
Brought demonic smiles upon some faces.
You provided liberties to humiliate and disgrace me.
And I asked God to forgive you and my thoughts.
As well as the hatred within me I could not shake.
Or seem to chase.
While I faked and masqueraded my heartache!

So by chance today we meet!
And I greet you with self-assuredness,
Proudly standing on my feet.
You appear to me to be weakened...
And abused by a defeat!
You feel that I am thoughtless,
Self-centered and full of my own conceit?

Those 'niceities' expressed,
Do not feed my appetite!

I would not say I am thoughtless at all!
For several years I've given you much thought!
I remember your tantrums and attitudes.
And the misery you brought!

And then one day,
You and they were released completely.
And every lesson I have learned,
You have taught!
I would say you had been quite the teacher for me.
Leaving me something I had not sought!

I can never be that way.
My wishes, wants and needs...
Have released you from my dreams once displayed.
In days now gone!

Whatever the desire is that keeps you fantasizing...
Don't let them hurt you,
Or desert you in promises unkept...
Or distanced from being ever fulfilled.
If you have to become bitter to overcome disappointment?
Do whatever it takes to get your emotions completely healed.

That's my 'Tip For The Day' as a motto for my life.
Feel free to use it!
Now go away!
My happiness is being irritated!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Lawrence has a poem up..MUST READ! And again I'm finding myself reading someones work that has depth and an air of Wisdom, but as for being irritated..(NOT A CHANCE) not with your level of competence A high standard work from a fine person of the poetry world love duncan X