AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)


Tired! I guess you can say that's so.
Trying to get to bed early, is more
difficult, then you know! Every night
I tell myself, this has got to stop. Then
invarably, I'd look up and see that darn
old clock! I'm so engrossed with what
I'm doing, not thinking some things can
be over done. Looking up, once again,
it's now a quarter to one! Just a little
more time, is all I need, to continue
on a few. Where did it go? Now, it's
after two! I came this far, so I'll go on,
just a little bit. A little touch here, a
little touch there, got to finish, before
I quit! Even when I try my very best,
I'll never get, the proper rest. So the
way I see it, tired I'll always be.
Getting to bed early, is just not in the
cards for me!

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Yep, this laptop just flashed at me... GO TO BED, it's after three