PP (28 May 1990 / Maphumulo at KZN)


i ve been running for so long
trying to meet you
meet you at a certain destination
destionation of happines
i ve put my heart into this journey
gave all, my soul, my mind and strength
i struggled all the way, wishing to meet you
meet you half way

i kept on wishing, i didnt loose hope
i didnt hesitated that for sure
you are on your way too
i ve been hoping all the way
but it doesnt seem so
it doesnt turn as i thought and dreamt of

i m loosing hope now
i m tired, powrless
my heart beats the beat
beats the faint, slow beat
i m tired of running this journey
i ve given all
nothing is left
i m tired

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very nice indeed.......love waiting and hoping..well done...and dont get tired