Tired Are Their Strategies

Medieval evilness,
Has played tricks on them.
To keep them fooled as rulers.
These conflicts they search,
To impose an ignorance is fading.
They continue to degrade themselves,
And can not be stopped...
From heights they dropp from!
To descend on spoiled crops they feed.
They wish all to find bliss in caves.
This addiction to conquer they see as being brave.
They believe they are saving the world but from what?
Tired are their stategies.
An emptiness within them,
Captures no light that shines!
And everyday their loftiness to rise exposes crimes!
Their minds are gone.
With a purpose that has lost all definition!
Nothing about them remains defined!
And defiantly their actions speeds their decline!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

I do so identify with this, but then it seems that whatever might be influencing me, you pick up on! Same wave length! Best, Theo