Tired Groove

I relate to your philosophies.
There is not need to rehash them.
Not with me.
I'd like to get beyond these acquisitions.
Renew our positions and sing new tunes.
With refreshed rhythms...
And adventures to meet and greet.

I relate to your philosophies.
We have been sharing them all our lives.
How many times do we have to identify,
The world is round.
Or another dissatisfaction with life we have found.

There is something about the unknown I appreciate.
That makes me more aware of who I am.
But to eat and regurgitate the same thing fed...
Does not expand my understanding.
Or qualifies me to make demands.

I relate to your philosophies.
But constantly repeating the same point of view...
Has become quite boring to me.
And I am surprised this stagnation,
Has not motivated you to improve...
Upon this tired groove you feed and approve.
If it puts me to sleep...
I know that drone brings a wink or two to you.
It has to!

Are you listening to me?

'I'm sorry...
Did you say something? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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