Tired Of Being Alone

The nights are getting lonely more and more everyday and night
I try to hide the painful past but lets face it, it still hurts
Nothings the same and neither am I
Wishing that someday I would have something to look forward to

Looking for someone to lean on
But it seems like I only have me, myself and I
I wonder why the pain won't go away
I wonder why the friends I did have faded away

Seems like yesterday we were laughing
Then today I'm stuck here asking myself where did I go wrong?
Was it something I said?
Stuck in the moments of the past wishing that things could've been different

Tired of facing the world alone
Tired of being alone to face my fears
Trying to hide the tears
Looking in the mirror wishing I was somebody else

I'm stuck on this emotional roller coaster
Can't seem to get things right
Tired of feeling this way
Here I am stuck being alone and afraid

I know things will get better
But when will they get better
I look into the mirror hating what I see
All the lies that I hide inside haunts me

Nothing will ever be fine
Just tired of this life of mine
Wishing that something great would happen
But in the end will I ever be happy?

July 24,2010

Author Notes: Not good but I thought it was pretty good


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