Not Complicated - L0v3

Poem By sEaN nOrTh

I am tired of this failure
This situation wouldn’t have been uglier
If only you had paid attention to my grief
If only you had asked me what I need

And now after so many doubts
A voice in my head shouts!
No god will ever listen to you
So why believe in something that was never true.

All my eyes are red and teary
Your games have now made me weary
As a kid I was taught to pray
But no god has listened to me any day

You shaped this human nature
You filled so many emotions in this creature
So why do you expect us to patient
Why did you let my dreams get patented?

The only think I wanted was peace
The sorrows you gave, I can hardly seize!
I am ambitious; I want acceptance
You made me feel low and guilty
Just once you could’ve felt pity
They say god gives mercy
But all you gave me was fantasy

I dreamt so big; so high
But how can I reach your sky
I am down all the time
I don’t have to put the blame on you
But you haven’t left any clue

Oh lord! Listen to me if you are there
Decrease this agony; just once listen to my prayer
I can’t take it any more
Heal my wounds sore

I still believe in you.
Though hardly anyone thinks you are true
My mind says it’s ill-logical
But my heart believes it’s magical

And yeah, I am tired of waiting
This world seems so tempting
They might make me do the things which I probably shouldn’t do
But I still with all my heart want to believe in you.

Comments about Not Complicated - L0v3

wow this is deep i really like this poem well done (:
Thanks, Its My fav write up too..
Nice spiritual poem. I really like it.

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