Tired Of Cliffs

Off a cliff, through a storm.
Stubborn, strong willed, won’t conform.
Keep my own values, own ideas.
Fight or flee my own battles, address my fears.

From Ireland, into the sea.
Can’t decide. Stay faithless and free.
Not enough control, too much to take.
Stood in a counterfeit gallery, surrounded by fake.

I chose a card from the deck, it came out zero.
I’ve been involved in many wars, but have never seen a hero.
My mind is clouded, I’m crawling through fog.
The princess I thought of rejected me, I’ll forever remain a frog.

Off a cliff, by the fire.
Can’t give up, won’t retire.
Tired of waiting, the list from which to choose.
Considering the alternative, I’ve decided not to lose.

by Sam Price

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