Tired Of Covering Up In The Mirror

I'm sitting here all alone tonight
Just sitting here on the floor
With a blanket wrapped around me
Trying to cry but the tears won't come

Tired of looking at my self in the mirror
And seeing those lies and pain from head to toe
Always covering up those lies and pain
And its getting old

But I don't know what else to do
I could mark away all the pain
What good would that do
That would make me want to die even more

What else is there to do
This body is broken down
I don't know what to do
If only I could be whole again

I would be happy
And I wouldn't fake it
I wouldn't have to cover up my broken body
Along with those lies I see in the mirror

Life would be so good
Doesn't seem like that will ever happen
I guess this body of mine will stay broken
And I will always be covering up those lies and pain in the

January 10-13,2008


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