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Tired Of Fighting

Tired of fighting
Don't know what to do
Can't make things better
Don't know how to get though.
Watching those around me
Struggling in all I create.
Feel empty deep inside
For me it is too late.
Don't want to cause more pain for them
But not knowing how to make it right
Too many disasters, happening all the time
Cannot cope anymore, too tired to fight.
Will be better for them if I am not involved
So I cannot cause any more strife,
To cause pain and misery
Seems to be my role in life,
I try to help, try to be there
But efforts prove futile
Feel like in a marathon
More problems with every mile.
Family descended to chaos
Father no where to be found
Mother in the hospital.
We are being drilled into the grown.
Can't fight anymore
Start to fade away
Stop fighting the feeling
No longer wishing to stay.
Begin to fade from existence
Not caring what happens to me
Alone and empty,
This is how it must be
Can't stop the thoughts any longer
Must let them take control
Let them run their course
No matter what their goal.
Too tired of fighting
Keeping demons at bay
Can't do this anymore
Can't keep the thoughts away.
I give in
No longer care
Let them take over
Kill me if they dare

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wow great poem great choice of words your a great poet this is one of my favorite poems
A poem well put so ingeneous and creative. I'm pleased. Inkweaver