It's Such A Beautiful Evening

It is such a beautiful evening the songbirds do whistle and sing
The parkland green and healthy looking does wear it's wildflowers of the Spring
The sun in the blue sky is shining with a pleasant warmth in the breeze
That gently blows through the town from the ocean and make the leaves dance on the trees
A poet would write of the beauty that i see around me today
As for me for the joy that i feel at the moment i do not have the words for to say
'Tis near to an Earthly Utopia in November in the southern town
On the quiet streets on this sunday evening few cars and trucks pass up and down
The sparrows chirp under the house eaves the magpie flutes his pleasant song
The musical notes of the blackbird to him and to his kind belong
Into the third week of November the Summer only ten days away
I hope this for me will not be my last Spring though the Reaper on that has the say
It is such a marvellous evening Nature's beauty is all around me
And out there on the sunlit parkland the familiar song of the pee wee.

by Francis Duggan

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