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Tired Of Hurting
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Tired Of Hurting


Why wont this go away
All this pain
I'm tired of hurting
Nothing is going right

Every time I turn around
I get knocked down
I wish I could escape it all

This pain is just to much
I can't handle it anymore
I am tired of crying
Tried of pretending to be okay

I'm so tired of acting like I am happy
Cause I'm not happy
I'm never really happy

I am so broken down
So beat up inside
That I am hurting all the time
Nothing can heal me

Tired of everything
I wish that everyone could see
That I am here, that I am broken

That every time I smile its just fake
I wish I didn't have to fake it
Faking the smiles and acting like nothings wrong
Cause theres always something wrong

I have no one to lean on
No friends in my life
I am alone forever and always

Bleeding on the inside
O I am Broken inside
Can; t you see that I can't be fixed
I wish that the pain could fade away

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