Tired Of My Life

Sitting here with my head in my hands.
Tears running down my cheeks.

Mixed emotions,
Mixed thoughts.

Tired, oh so tired.

Tired of being alone.
Tired of being broke.
Tired of being me.

All i want is some company.
Someone to cuddle at night.
To tell all my hopes and dreams.

But im tired.
Oh so tired.

Tired of making people happy.
Telling them to look on the bright side.
Tired of sorting peoples problems.
Tired of giving advice.

Why can't people make me happy.
Why can't they tell me to look on the bright side.
Sort my problems out.
Give ME advice.

My eyes sting from the crying.
I can't see straight.
Eyes getting heavy...........




Tired of My Life....'''

by AishwaryaBaiju ...

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oh no dont be dejected. i know this. i have gone through it also. so i know your feelings and thoughts and understand what you write perfectly well Be yourself. do not live life to please others. you have great poetic talent. Abide by it and you are going to be a great poetess. God bless you.