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Tired Of Not Knowing
SU (9-01-92 / Alabama)

Tired Of Not Knowing

Poem By Scarred Unknown

I’m tired
Tired of being excluded, deluded, and left behind.
Tired of being tossed aside or made to hide how I feel.
Tired of running and gunning a losing battle.
Tired of hearing my hoarse throat rattle.
They think I’m happy but its cause I don’t show,
So they don’t know.
So they don’t think it’s not me.

Why I won’t bury it in a drug or a drink?
Its cause I can’t even think of what she’d do,
If I had and she knew.
My heart would tear at the first tear,
And I couldn’t handle losing her again.
Like what happened back then it should never happen again.

You’re my one and only cause with you I’m not lonely.
The sound of your voice makes me rejoice.
The light of your face gives Heavens disgrace.
The brush of your hand turns my mouth to dust.
Your kiss is pure bliss, and so are your hugs.
What I want and can’t ask,
Is to make you gasp on the day
When I ask for you to be mine
…for all time.

(Written by someone who no longer exists.)

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