Tired Of Pretending

Walking around trying to search and seek out who I am
Trying to find the real me
Cause I've gone through life living two separate lives

Gotta search out everywhere
High and low and everything in between
I'm tired of living two separate lives
That's getting so old

I've lived like that for far too long
Gotta leave all of that behind me
Cause I'm getting tired of living out two lives

Pretending all this time to be okay when I'm dying inside
When pain is filled up from head to toe
But I would deny and say that I'm alright
All those broken smiles that I wore nobody noticed at all

As I'm getting older
I'm tired of pretending
Gotta find out who I really am

Tired of being this broken girl
I'm ready to rid all the pain
Whether it will go away or not
I'm gonna ignore it and move on with my life

Cause I'm tired of living two lives
Tired of pretending during the day
Then at night crying myself to sleep

Its gotta stop somewhere
Gotta stop right now
I need to find a whole new me
New and refresh with no more tears and scars

Gotta get rid of these two lives I've been living
And find a whole new meaning of who I am
I'm gonna start right now and search out who the real me is

May 21,2008


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