(14 april / Authopedic hosp.Enugu)

Tired Of Running

i am tired of running
i cant run any further
in this game of life
every one is not the same
i can't keep up with this game
some fly in air planes
others are at their wheels
some sail on ship
and i on my feet
how then can one compare
or imagine me triumph
this game of life is bias
some are on their feet
others in machineries
running the same distant
at a different pace
if i can't run with footmen
how can i cope with horsemen
i'm tired of this race
i have been cheated
after already i am cheated
life is bias
every man is equal they say
but not in terms of wealth
some are rich others poor
some are great others are not
yet we decieve our selves
by settling for fiction
i'm tired of running and i'm backing out
unless you tell me what i want to hear

by micheal udenyi

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