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Tired Of This Sad, Sad, World
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Tired Of This Sad, Sad, World

C'est dommage,
It is a pity,
That Life Is so short,
And not very witty.

We are taken for true fools,
Like baby pictures,
Full of drools.

Hey! ! Ruling Claaasss!
With no brains,
We Are Not,
Middle Ages insane,
Grotesquely ignorant,
We HAVE a sturdy, educated Brain!
That tells us an awful lot,
You cannot fool us endlessly,
Like Monkeys on a Coconut tree,
With your monotonous, lying Rot!

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Comments (2)

Tellin' it like it is! Nice job! Claaaasssss, nice! I get it
I think many of us get tired from time to time but we have to climb that mountain for there is a purpose for us all. Love the monkeys in the coconut tree which made me picture our politicians throwing the coconuts at each other. The best things to overcome sadness for me are music, nature, chocolate and even old photos of youth and beauty but importantly laughter, There is evil yet so, so, much good on this earthx