Tirukkural Chapter 18 - Couplets 1,2,3

திருக்குறள் -THIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 18 - வெஃகாமை
18/01. நடுவின்றி நன்பொருள் வெஃகின் குடிபொன்றிக்
குற்றமும் ஆங்கே தரும்.

18/01. Naduvinrri nanporull vekkin kudiponrrik
Kutrramum aagnkay tharum.

18/01. Not remaining quiet, when one wants to take other man's property
It will not only destroy his family but also will then involve him in the crime.
Son: Papa, why some people go after other's property?

Father: Yes my son, if one wants,
Easy money by short cut methods,
It's easy for him to covet
Any other man's asset.

See how chit fund firms
Cheat their members
By escaping with their funds
To unknown distant places.

Someone takes heavy loans
From various nationalized banks
And escape from the country
To a distant foreign country.
18/02. படுபயன் வெஃகிப் பழிப்படுவ செய்யார்
நடுவுஅன்மை நாணு பவர்.

18/02. Padupayan vekkip pazhipaduva seiyaar
Naduvuanmai naannu bavar.

18/02. A virtuous man do not like any benefit from other's property
As it will bring him unnecessary blame.
Son: Papa, On should not covet others property?

Father: A good man will not touch,
Other man's property even by an inch,
As it will be an act of shame,
And for fear of others' blame.

Coveting others' properties,
It's what a criminal wants,
But he can't enjoy that asset,
When red handed he's caught.

He should be within his limit
And if he crosses that limit,
He goes for others' assets
And his covetous act then fails.
18/03. சிற்றின்பம் வெஃகி அறன்அல்ல செய்யாரே
மற்றின்பம் வேண்டு பவர்.

18/03. Chitrinbam vekki arranalla seiyaaray
Martrrinbam vendu bavar.

18/03. One who seeks eternal happiness will not like to do
Covetous acts to enjoy inferior pleasures.
Son: Will a wise man do covetous act?

Father: Normally wise men will be after
Eternal pleasures, not inferior
But superior ones, in that process
They'll not do covetous acts.

God fearing any wise person,
Would like to be a good man,
Not desiring for properties
Belonging to others.

Covetous act is a crime.
No one, at any time,
Must attempt to do this,
Yes, even in dreams.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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