Tirukkural Chapter 22 - Couplets 1,2,3

திருக்குறள் -THIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 22 - ஒப்புரவறிதல்
22/01. கைம்மாறு வேண்டா கடப்பாடு மாரிமாட்டு
என்ஆற்றுங் கொல்லொ உலகு.

22/01. Kaimaaru vendaa kadappaadu maarimaattu
Enaatrrugn kollo ulagu.

22/01. What can all lives in the world give back to the cloud that gives rain?
Likewise nothing is expected by those who help like the cloud.
Girl: Maa, we give back nothing to the cloud that gives rain?

Mother: Clouds give all lives rain,
Expecting nothing in return,
Similarly kind hearted persons
Help others like the clouds.

Nature gives pure air,
Plenty of clear water,
For all lives to live,
But back what lives give?

Carbon smoke, gutter water,
That pollutes air and water,
Is it not? Better, we the lives
Try to make amends.
22/02. தான்ஆற்றித் தந்த பொருளெல்லாம் தக்கார்க்கு
வேளாண்மை செய்தற் பொருட்டு.

22/02. Thaanaatrrith thandha porullelaam thakkaarkku
Vellaannmai seitharr poruttu.

22/02. The hard earned money of one should be used
To help deserving people.
Girl: Maa, What is the use of earning if one does not help others?

Mother: A kind hearted man
Will always help deserving men
With his hard earned money,
Like this, he had helped many.

This kind of thought
Many don't get it,
A few people only
Come forward really.

They help expecting,
In return, nothing,
But their kindness,
That gives happiness.
22/03. புத்தேன் உலகத்தும் ஈண்டும் பெறல்அரிதே
ஒப்புரவின் நல்ல பிற.

22/03. Puththaen ulagaththum eenndum perralaridhe
Oppuravin nalla pirra.

22/03. Is there any decency in this world and heaven
More than the decorum?
Girl: Decency and decorum more or less
Signify the same meaning, is it not?

Mother: Both signify one's behavior.
Decency is propriety of behavior.
Decorum is etiquette or politeness.
This is what the dictionary says.

Decency and decorum both
Should beautify this earth
And the so called heaven,
The one heard, but not seen.

The dress code says,
For temple in divine dress,
For office, not in mufti dress
For school, uniform dress.

Suitable to the place
One should wear dress
Otherwise no decency
Or decorum they say.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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