Tirukkural Chapter 22 - Couplets 4,5,6

திருக்குறள் -THIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 22 - ஒப்புரவறிதல்
22/04. மன்னுயிர் ஓம்பி அருளாள்வார்க்கு இல்லை இருள்சேர்ந்த
இன்னா உலகம் புகல்

22/04. Mannuyir Ombi arullaallvaarkku illai irullserndha
Innaa ulagam pugal.

22/04. Wise men say that a kind hearted person, who protects other lives
Will never be exposed to any fearful harm.
Girl: Maa, A kind hearted person will be safe always they say.

Mother: A person is kind to other lives,
He protects them from all dangers,
When he's not harming others,
He'll be loved by others.

No harm will come to him,
As they're close to him,
So no wonder if that person
Takes care of everyone.

Even within a family circle
It's that kindness and mutual
Relationship help to avoid
Many dangers facing ahead.
22/05. ஊருணி நீர்நிறைந் தற்றே உலகவாம்
பேரறி வாளன் திரு.

22/05. Urunni neernirandh dhartre ulagavaam
Perarri Vallan thiru.

22/05. The wealth of a wise person, who is liked by all in the world,
Is just like a public drinking water full tank.
Girl: Is it like 'Still water runs deep? ''
'Empty drum makes much noise.? '

Mother: If a rich wise man serves
With his wealth many others,
Then he's liked by them.
Thus he maintains a decorum.

When water is full in a tank,
Many lives come for a drink,
The purpose of the water
Is fully served then and there.

Likewise, the wealth if stagnates,
Without use, at one place,
Its purpose is not well served,
So, it should be well utilized.
22/06. பயன்மரம் உள்ளூர்ப் பழுத்தற்றால் செல்வம்
நயன்உடை யான்கண் படின்.

22/06. Payanmaram ulluurp pazhudhatraal selvam
Nayanudai yaankann padin.

22/06. If more wealth is in the hands of a decent man, it is like a tree
Full of fruits at the centre of a town for public use.
Girl: Maa, This is a good comparison, is it not?

Mother: Yes my child, if wealth is
In the hands of a miser, it's of no use.
If it's in the hands of a decent man,
It reaches every common man.

When the pot is full,
One can serve well
The hot soup to all,
Not when it has no fill.

Money is for many good uses.
If a good man handles it.
Also it serves for wrong uses,
If a bad man misuses it.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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