Tirukkural Chapter 24 - Couplets 7,8,9,10

திருக்குறள் -THIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 24 - புகழ்
24/07. புகழ்பட வாழாதார் தம்நோவார் தம்மை
இகழ்வாரை நோவது எவன்?

24/07. Pugazhpada vaazhaadhaar thamnovaar thammai
Ighazhvaarai novadhu evan?

24/07. A man condemning his own infamous life,
Why should he feel for others' blaming him?
Radha: One is digging his own grave,
But will not allow others to dig his grave.
It's like this.

Madhavi: Yes, one can't swallow easily
Others' criticism, while personally
He condemns himself
For his infamous life.

Instead, he should mend his ways,
If he wants to become famous,
By helping people freely
And donating his wealth liberally.

Like a ghost in its treasure hunt,
Neither will it use that,
Nor will allow others use it,
A man need not imitate it.
24/08. வசைஎன்ப வையத்தார்க்கு எல்லாம் இசைஎன்னும்
எச்சம் பெறாஅ விடின்.

24/08. Vasaienba vaiyaththaarkku ellaam isaiennum
Echam perraa vidin.

24/08. If one is not famous even after his death
Wise men say he carries others' blames.
Radha: Such infamous people when they die
It will be a great relief to others.

Madhavi: True, for others, it's a relief,
When an infamous man dies,
Like a dacoit when he dies
People feel a sigh of relief.

'Fair or foul means, be a hero'
Someone said like this.
People like fair means
And dislike unfair ways.

No one is sure of birth,
Or about his death,
In between, the first one is good,
While the second one is bad.
24/09. வசையிலா வண்பயன் குன்றும் இசைஇலா
யாக்கை பொறுத்த நிலம்.

24/09. Vasaiyila vannpayan kunrrum isaiilaa
Yaakkai porruththa nilam

23/09. If one lives without fame in a place,
Even the yield from that land will come down.
Radha: Even the Mother Earth cries for a man with no fame.

Madhavi: Yes, with no fame a man
Remains as the biggest burden,
Not only on the Mother Earth mainly,
But also on his affected family.

Even a stone erected in temples
Gets its due reverence,
Whereas, with no fame, a man
Is worse than a stone.

A lazy man has no fame.
He has also lost his name.
If he doesn't till the soil,
The crops will surely fail.
24/10. வசைஒழிய வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார்; இசைஒழிய
வாழ்வாரே வாழா தவர்.

24/10. Vasaiozhiya vaazhvaare vaazhvaar; isaiozhiya
Vaazhvaare vaazhaa dhavar.

24/10. A man with no blame seems to be alive.
A man with no fame is almost dead.
Radha: The poet has stressed the importance
Of one becoming famous in his life.

Madhavi: Yes Radha, he even says,
If there's no blame, he just lives,
And if no fame, he's alive
But as if he's dead, he lives.

He's like a walking corpse,
Unfit for any practical use,
Receiving everyone's curse,
That he's the one most useless.

To get name and fame,
Without any blame,
One must have that aim,
Within one's life time,

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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