Tirukkural Chapter 25 - Couplets 7,8,9,10

திருக்குறள் -THIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 25 - அருளுடைமை.
25/07. அருள்இல்லார்க்கு அவ்வுலகம் இல்லை; பொருள் இல்லார்க்கு
இவ்வுலகம் இல்லாகி யாங்கு.

25/07. Arullilaarkku avvulagam illai; porull illaarkku
Ivvulagam ilaagi yaangu.

25/07. If one has no wealth, he has no place in this world.
Like this, if he has no compassion, he has no place in heaven.
Sarada: It's true that if one has no money
He has no value in this world.

Gopika: No one on earth will care
If there no money to spare.
In this material world of ours
Money has its first place.

Even his family members
Will not obey his words
Nor even they'll take pity,
If his money bag is empty.

If one has no compassion,
He'll not go to heaven,
But will take birth again
To suffer for his sins.
25/08. பொருள்அற்றார் பூப்பர் ஒருகால்; அருள்அற்றார்
அற்றார்மற்று ஆதல் அரிது.

25/08. Porullatrraar pooppar orukaal; arullatrraar
Atrraarmatrru aadhal aridhu.

25/08. If one has no wealth now, he may get it later on.
But if he has no compassion now, never he'll have it.

Sarada: Money may come and go.
But compassion should stay forever.

Gopika: A poor will become rich
Or a rich will become poor,
It's just a cycle of event
Time only can set it right.

Compassion should sit
In one's kind heart,
For him to help others
And get their blessings.

If he has no virtue
He'll have no value
For his admission
To the gates of Heaven
25/09. தெருளாதான் மெய்ப்பொருள் கண்டற்றால் தேரின்
அருளாதான் செய்யும் அறம்.

25/09. Therullaadhaan meiyipporull kandatrraal therin
Arullaathaan seiyium arram.

25/09. A person who has no virtue, when he shows compassion
It is like a fool trying to know what true virtue is.
Sarada: How a fool knows what is compassion or virtue?

Gopika: How a fool will know,
When even wise men fail to show
Their compassion to others,
In these difficult days.

Compassion must come out,
From one's kind heart,
Not from his pitiless lips
Just as mere words.

A double standard it is,
One from the lips
Another from the heart,
It's how fools react.
25/10. வலியார்முன் தன்னை நினைக்க; தான் தன்னின்
மெலியார்மேல் செல்லும் இடத்து.

25/10. Valliaarmun thannai ninaikka; than thanin
Meliyaarmel sellum idaththu.

25/10. A man without compassion, before he harms a weak person,
He should think of a strong man, who would create a fear in him.
Sarada: There is a saying that
If a cat chases a rat,
A dog will chase that cat,
This truth is just like that.

Survival of the fittest
Keeps the strongest
Over the weakest
In the survival test.

There lies only one solution
That's to show compassion
To the weakest persons,
To free oneself from all sins.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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