Tirukkural Chapter 26 - Couplets 1,2,3

(Note: 2000 years ago, the Poet Tiruvalluvar is a Jain who avoids taking meat
So, he has written these 10 couplets in favor of vegetarianism)

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 266 - புலால் மறுத்தல்
26/01. தன்ஊன் பெருக்கற்குத் தான்பிறிது ஊன்உண்பான்
எங்ஙனம் ஆளும் அருள்.

26/01. Thanoon perukkarrkuth thaanperridhu oonunbaan
Enganam aallum arull.

26/01. If one eats body of other life to keep his body heavy
How he'll be able to rule kindness.
Muthu: Some justify meat eating is good.

Manickam: Yes, some people say
The sin after killing goes away
If one eats the same meat,
Is it correct or not?

Some others begin,
Why a man has canine
Teeth like an animal?
To tear and eat meat well.

Animal population
Will be more than
Human population
If meat is not taken.
26/02. பொருளாட்சி போற்றாதார்க்கு இல்லை; அருளாட்சி
ஆங்கில்லை ஊன்தின் பவர்க்கு.

26/02. Porullaatchi porrtrraadhaarkku illai; arullaatchi
Aangillai oonthin bavarkku.

26/02. One doesn't get the benefit of wealth, when it is not well protected.
Likewise, meat eaters do not get the benefit of virtuous deeds.
Muthu: What is wrong in eating meat?

Manickam: This controversy goes on,
One justifies eating meat.
Another tries to oppose it,
But flesh markets are always open.

Warriors have to eat meat,
Only then they can fight
If they take vegetable food
Their force can't be good.

This kind of defense
All meat eaters place
Before non-meat eaters
Justifying their stand thus.
26/03. படைகொண்டார் நெஞ்சம்போல் நன்றூக்காதுஒன்றன்
உடல்சுவை உண்டார் மனம்.

26/03. Padaikondaar nenjampol nanrrukkaadhuondran
Udalsuvai undaar manam

26/03. A man taken sword in his hands will not think of virtues but of killing others.
Likewise, one eating flesh will think of meat only and not of kindness.
Muthu: A man holding knife will cut something
A man eating flesh will think of meat only.

Manickam: In Bhagavad Gita Krishna says,
One's character forms from what he eats.
Rajasic, Sattvic and Tamasic food
Like three types of food.

Rajasic food for kings,
Satvic food for vegetarian,
Tamasic food for laborers,
To suit their nature of duties.

Some argue even plants,
Have life what one eats,
So, one can eat flesh
Like vegetables cut fresh.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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