’tis Christmas Eve

'Tis winter-time as snow-flakes fall;
'Tis Christmas-time for all;
And Christmas eve has come at last,
A time to enjoy fast.

A winding lane leads to a door,
A dainty cottage door;
Where baby Jesus will be born,
In freezing cold, one morn!

A Christmas tree is all alit,
With gifts and festoons nice;
As Santa's sledge moves bit by bit,
With gifts, over the ice.

Oh, what a wondrous night indeed!
What Christmas joy's reborn!
And peace will come upon the earth,
With boy-child Savior's birth!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Comments (5)

wonderful poem about Christmas, lovely rhymes, be blessed.....10++++
You know your way with words, and I'm just beginning to read your poetry. Lovely style you have.
A lovely Christmas poem, I enjoyed the read, Thankyou--Melvina--
its full of life, a good christmas poem
A good Christmas poem.