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'Tis Love
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

'Tis Love

I want to thank you,
for being here,
to let me hold you
through the night.

For smiling
and for returning
timid kisses,
for holding hands,
and not complaining
about my sweaty palm,
for putting chores
into another life;
and for suspending time,
but mind you,
there is no thanks,
no gratitude,
no 'preciation for
with much considered care,
a pecking order
in your life.
And placing me
so high
that I can touch
the rafters,
hanging high
and shout
for all the world,
and for the heavens
to hear
the story
of a
Happy Man.

Forgive my
and most especially
my monkey grin,
I'll tone them down,
those wavey decibels,
and then,
I'll reach for you,
and with the strength
that only LOVE can bring,
I'll lift you,
and bring you close,
until our lips just touch.

I trust we are,
together on our perch,
a trifle asymmetrical,
to those who would
look up in awe
at what can be
no less.

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Really Nice, If you wrote it for someone Special I'm sure she will Love it. Heartfelt..