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Tis Our Love Now
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Tis Our Love Now

Of all the things that need to grow
this plant must be allowed to thrive
we watch and nurture and we KNOW
that LOVE itself has come alive,
to utter doubts and low esteem
is just a deal we often strike
with forces that may end our dream
it's not the finger in the dyke
that will decide, for in the end
YOU shall wear flowers in your hair
and drape them as we then suspend
around my face, where lips will share
and time will lose its innate might
as forces far beyond our reach
grant licence to defy the night
to watch as clouds move to impeach
their sinister and envious shades
four hands and arms may now embrace
and as the past's reflection fades
we hold, our eyes are keen to face
what surely must have been ordained.
Of all the things that need to grow
through caring hands and minds has gained
tis true, there is no doubt, we know
our LOVE has risen from the earth
and, like a mantle of sweet dew
held tight while sharing its own birth
with US, I KNOW and so do YOU.

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