’tis Time For A Change Of Heart!

I thank you profusely,
From the depths of my heart,
For promoting me, at last,
To Professor cadre.

If it had been earlier,
It would have been better;
It could have been better,
But it doesn’t matter.

Yet, was it in my fate?
I’as unique till date;
Was it because of others?
Whom I thought were brothers!

What’s past is past;
When things looked aghast;
But we know truth will last;
Though the world is fast.

But I am very glad,
That I’m no longer sad;
My image that seemed bad,
Is better now on pad.

Not a visit, I’ad made;
I call a spade a spade;
And I’as ne’er afraid,
Nor did I look for aid.

And all I know is this,
‘A man aright has bliss’
Though cruel be world’s kiss;
And things do go amiss.

When God is by my side;
And I in Him abide;
And truth is my great pride;
The stormy waves, I ride!

But why such things happen?
And why men jump the fen?
All fruits one day ripen;
All wells, one must deepen.

Why men choose easy routes?
Can one wear always boots?
We eat our parent’s fruits;
And go about in suits!

But shouldn’t we change for good?
Too much is poison-food;
And why to fret and brood?
And why to wear a hood?

Our stay on earth is short;
And life can well abort;
Lets change our minds and heart;
And practice genuine art.

All men are just brothers;
Lets think about others;
Some beasts do need feathers;
A thing with time weathers.

Don’t believe what some say;
Each man will have his day;
We go in God’s way;
Or for our blunders pay!

Lets make this world of men,
And things uneven, even;
Lets make the earth, Heaven;
In time that’s God-given!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Comments (4)

I praise this one high above other poems I've read because of the true philosophy it holds. Your poetry has diversion in it, and I shall keep on reading more.
Well put John. Our timing is not always His timing and we may never know the reasons - but if we are patient and trust Him, He will use us as He sees fit.
I truly believe this write could change a heart. Splendid read once again. Patricia Gale
I share the same scheme, though in younger experience. Very fiery, especially near the ending.