I was thinking about what would happen if Jesus
had been on the Titanic when everyone was
evacuating and they were only letting women
and children onto the lifeboats. Do you think he
would try to shove his way onto a lifeboat the
way some of his disciples try to shove their
religious views on everyone? I hope he
wouldn’t do that because that would mean some
woman or child would have to die in his place.
On the other hand, maybe he feels that he’s
already died once for everyone and he doesn’t
want to have to go through all that martyrdom
rigmarole all over again. Besides, the image of a
frozen Jesus in a lifejacket floating in the North
Atlantic is not something most people want to
think about.

by Professor Poetry Hound

Comments (4)

The sharks wouldn't have a chance. Furthermore, if Jesus was aboard the Titanic, that ship never would have sunk.
Dear PPH, Its all so sick and wrong, you abominable beast, you. But there's something so lyrical about Christ being on the Titanic. From what I've learned about that situation, most of the people lost at sea were eaten by sharks. Somehow, the image of Jesus and the sharks just doesn't evoke a biblical sensibility for me. I'm trying to reconcile it, though. I'm thinking large, Phillip
Dang, Lisa beat me to the smart alec response! Well.... Maybe he could turn the whole ocean into wine, so at least drowning would be more of a pleasure. -chuck
This is interesting for me because I just watched the James Cameron film, Titanic, two hours ago - and it also reminds me of a Scorsese film 'The Last Temptation of Christ', where the temptation, in this case, would be to hop aboard a lifeboat and leave a woman or a child to die - something I do not believe Jesus of Nazareth would do. An interesting, thought-provoking read. - K.