Silence Is A Deadly Weapon

Light from the street,
Spills through her window,
'another sleepless night, '
She says to herself.
Her thoughts are deep,
Of life and death,
Her mind wanders,
To love and laughter,
Her smile fades,
When she thinks of him.
The reason for her insomnia.
The man she hoped to be with forever,
The man she loved the most.
The one she gave herself to,
But was never given the love she deserved.
She thought of him for hours.
Tears flooding her cheeks,
Her silent sobs choking her,
Consuming her,
This needed to stop!
She turned over,
To read the clock,
Four nineteen.
She slammed her fists,
Into her pillows,
She ran to the bathroom,
Clinging to walls for support.
She leaned over the sink,
And opened to medicine cabinet.
She grabbed for the sleeping pills,
In her mothers name,
And the razor blade.
Sobbing still,
She lowered herself into the tub,
Swallowed the pills,
Turned the knob for the water,
Loud enough to silence her screams of pain,
Grabbing her pen and notebook,
From atop the toliet,
She began to write,
Her last note.
'If I die right now,
I'm no longer in pain,
For the way my heart,
Is shattered to bits,
I am finally at peace.'
Crying harder than before,
She added to the note,
'I love you mom and dad,
you were great parents,
I'm sorry about everything.'
She set down the note,
And picked up the blade.

She died that night,
Because of the blood she lost,
She She took her life,
Because of the boy she loved,
Could'nt show he loved her back.
A week after their fight,
Two days after it happened,
He showed up at her door,
A teddy bear in his hand.
Ringing the door bell,
He rocked back and forth,
Nervously awaiting an answer.
Her mother answered,
She broke down to see his cheerful face,
She could tell he didnt know.
Her father set her mother down,
And went back to the door,
'she killed herself,
We don't why,
But we found her in the tub,
he wrist slit,
She wanted to be numb.'
The boy just stared,
Then looked away,
When tears began to fall,
'She loved you so much,
We read her diary,
He thoughts only of you.
She thought you didnt love her,
If she saw this,
She would have known you did.'
The boy left that day,
With a hole in his heart.
Had he shown her how he felt,
She wouldnt be gone.
She had loved him openly,
Unconditionally and more,
He shrugged it off as nothing,
As if she would just move on from him,
Though he really loved her,
He never said a word.
He learned the hard way,
As will everyone else,
Silence is a deadly weapon.

by Kiersten Reilly

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The sharks wouldn't have a chance. Furthermore, if Jesus was aboard the Titanic, that ship never would have sunk.
Dear PPH, Its all so sick and wrong, you abominable beast, you. But there's something so lyrical about Christ being on the Titanic. From what I've learned about that situation, most of the people lost at sea were eaten by sharks. Somehow, the image of Jesus and the sharks just doesn't evoke a biblical sensibility for me. I'm trying to reconcile it, though. I'm thinking large, Phillip
Dang, Lisa beat me to the smart alec response! Well.... Maybe he could turn the whole ocean into wine, so at least drowning would be more of a pleasure. -chuck
This is interesting for me because I just watched the James Cameron film, Titanic, two hours ago - and it also reminds me of a Scorsese film 'The Last Temptation of Christ', where the temptation, in this case, would be to hop aboard a lifeboat and leave a woman or a child to die - something I do not believe Jesus of Nazareth would do. An interesting, thought-provoking read. - K.