Fear of Darkness,
sick of light,
my easy way out in sight,
go on let it take you... never,
withdrawing my hand from which it desires,
thoughts and scars is all it requires
Need some help but no one there,
do i give up or stay here?

I feel a love surrounding my heart,
a reason to make a new start?
im scared he'd run,
but what would i do,
Hold my breathe till my face goes blue?

I hold my thoughts in my head,
as i lay curled up on my bed.
waiting for voices to come flooding back,
eats my self confidance in which i lack

I run to my grandad in that heaven,
i pictured myself when i was 11,
playing in the field remembering him
whispering in my ear, i love you Kim.
i'd turn to him with a smile,
My boyfriend makes my life worth while,
he looks down and sees me laugh,
but what have i chosen for my future path?
Its up to you which one you choose,
either way you can win or loose...

by Kim Bradley

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well i can see this in my head and it really good.i can feel the words.you wrote this from your heart and it lovely.kelly