Tithing—a Seed In God's Garden

You planted a seed and watched it grow
And proudly you surveyed
As you watched it and cared for it
A sturdy plant you'd made. And then the wind and storm came down
And your sturdy plant did fall.
It twisted it and tore it
And ruin lay over it all. A proud man never claims defeat
And so you tried once more
To plant a crop of seedlings
Your pride began to soar. And once again you proudly said
"I knew I couldn't fail"
And once again—before your eyes
The wind began to wail. And once again the storm clouds came
And tore across your land
And totally destroyed
The labor of your hand. Now, my friend, there is a seed
that God would bid you sow.
It's a seed of love and giving
It's not a debt you owe. It's a seed that's ever growing
How straight and tall it stands
No storm can ever tear it down
It's made by the Master's Hand. So plant your seed in God's Garden
And blessings you will reap
In wisdom, love and happiness
When all God's Laws you keep.

by Betty Thompson

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