Sculptor And Sculpture


Sculptor and sculpture love in heart tender touch in hands
Caressing the stone with passion and feelings friezing with care
Rendering a sweet dream with respect giving life on strands
Of reverie carving with chisel so very gently with flair
Art at work giving shape to a statue from boulder
Chiseling with heart stroking with affection with the skills
Giving new looks feeling the blessed moment receptive to capture
Emotions in current of caprice sculpting the figurine with frills
Reflection of self bronzed in polished stone creation of semblance
Feelings instilled within its bosom awaiting to articulate till eternity
Staying true to the sentiments of the twinkling in alliance
To be within the clauses of discipline of artistry’s personality

Blending like rivers of different paths in the boundless ocean
Becoming one to their depths keeping their notions in motion

by Ashram Ashram

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Wow...Im speechless...this is poem is great work of art.....keep it up...keep up writing