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To A Clara Skylark

There's a joyous skylark singing
O'er the slopes of Clara hill
And his pleasant voice is ringing
Through the valley fair and still.

Sing your sweet song minstrel lover
Of this lonely mountain side
Some where nearby under cover
In their nest your children hide.

I was lonely coming up here
But the beauty of your song
Turned my loneliness to cheer
And makes unhappiness seem wrong.

Little skylark air borne pleaser
Free of gloom and evil sin
Mind appeaser and heartache easer
Your happiness comes from within.

Amidst the heath bird you were born
And amidst the heath bird you will die
And the blue sky you adorn
With your enchanting song of joy.

I will come back here next sunday
To listen to your pleasant voice
For the splendid music you play
Makes my moody mind rejoice.

Little skylark free of sorrow
High above the Clara heath
I will be thinking come tomorrow
Of your song so quaintly sweet.

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