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To A Conceited Poet

We know you have a good grasp of the language
And we know that you are good to write and spell
And at classy poetry readings you recite your verses
And that your audience love you is not hard to tell.

And some of those who know what is good poetry
They say to you how wonderful you are
'Twould seem you have a great poetic future
And in the Literary World you will go far.

You accept their praises with a coy smile and a thank you
Though their favourable comments have gone to your head
One well might say your ego is inflated
Though finer poets than you with the forgotten dead.

You look on the Bush poets as quite inferior,
You say they ought to learn how to spell
Their rhyming verse you feel is quite uneven
You dismiss their efforts as mere doggerel.

As poets go you are one of the finest
A marvellous wordsmith people like you are few
But there is one thing you ought to remember
That there is always one better than you

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