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To A Friend
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To A Friend

Now that hes gone,
Its hard to move on,
We were so close,

And what hurts the most,
Is I had no chance to say goodbye.
Now all I want to do is cry.

No one knows how I feel!
No one knows how hard it is to deal!
Our phone calls arent enough,

Its just so tough,
To hold these tears back.
We talk every now and then,

And I will never forget him.
He was the only one who had faith in me,
He was the only one who could see,

The pain these hazel eyes held,
Before the tears fell.
I loved him so much,

But he left in a rush,
No time to say goodbye,
No time for me to cry.

Although hes gone,
We all live on,
With the phones calls we receive,

Will keep us friends until deceased..

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