She Recalls Her Prime Years

She recalls her prime years in the eighties as the young woman young men wished to know
But what a change the passage of time bring as that was two decades ago
And though attractive for one in her forties her better days are clearly gone
The young men at her no longer whistle the clock on her is ticking on.

She no longer is the Town beauty the years start to show on her face
She now is a rose that is fading a younger one has taken her place
A beautiful one in her twenties though time for her too will not wait
Since even the most beautiful women on their beauty have a time date.

The younger years go by so quickly you should make the most of your prime
'Tis mostly young and pretty females that inspire the songmakers to rhyme
Some women they do quite a good job in covering their wrinkles and gray
But the physical appearance even of the fully clothed body to ageing is a give away.

She recalls her prime years in the eighties when young men stared at her as she walked by
And when they whistled she did not feel offended as the attention she sure did enjoy
Nowadays she is out of the limelight they whistle at the younger Rose
What changes a few decades can bring but such is life one must suppose.

by Francis Duggan

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this is my favorite poem of yours! ;)