The Simple Life

Baseball cards, a block away
En route with a dear friend
This is not your typical day
Careful not to bend.

Forty five cents in hand
Clinched while thinking
Bubble gum bonus a plus
Yet savings is shrinking.

Big wheel races and outdoor events
No electronic sitters here
Only interaction amongst all of the young ladies and gents
In this life, what's to fear?

Dinner at table while, a nightly event
Sharing the day's story
No glaring television
Togetherness withdrew any need for worry.

Days of work with dad
A privilege, no chore
Learning the finer things in life
As sweat releases through pores.

Fine dining a treat
Road maps only
Yet all found their way
Our population lonely.

Only in numbers
Not of a depressed meaning
True love for one another
No such thing as prescreening.

What I would give to revisit those times
The simple life
Where love lasted a lifetime.

by Nate Morris

Comments (2)

brilliant wonderful imaginative writings- I wandered all along the street that hugs the walls, a needle floating on its cloth. Once I shut my eyes and felt my way along the stone. nice
Jorie Graham! Beautiful poem, indeed.