To A Friend In Sickness

The love to write and not use
would only be to sin
Not to share feelings of heart
And thoughts kept deep within
of how the cry of loneliness
And pain so deep inside
Hold dear the dreams not yet reaped
in tear they come alive
The prayer of touch of healing hands
of blessed touch divine
seem short
as if
the angels have no time?
But hear me now my friend for life
These words I truly speak
That in the land of summer days
There is a life that's meek
Of haze and laze of thoughts galore
and chance of smiles to be
To put away times of "whoa"
To feel for once you're free
To take it as it comes to you
content with ease inside
To hope the best of days desserts
And Blessings for the ride
To be aware the land of real
Is knocking at the door
To pray for best and hope the rest
And all around for more
So Skoal!!! To you my friend
for peace from pain today.
And while this time, we spend apart
your thoughts I humbly pray
are of me.

by Jimmy C. Barnes

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