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To A Homesick Canadian

Back home in Nova Scotia now the eastern bluebird sing
And wildering flowers are in full bloom in latter days of Spring
And green woods scenting sweetly with the buds and blooms of May
And I feel very near to home though I live far away.

'Yes' I feel very close to home at this time of the year
I close my eyes I visualize the meadowlark I hear
The tanager sings in the woods a female he is wooing
And in the land I still call home the doves and pigeons cooing.

'Oh' Canada dear Canada no greater love I've known
Your wild and rugged beauty the Land I still call home
Your miles and miles of pine woods and your splendid maple trees
Where wild birds roost and build their nests and pipe their melodies.

Your Winter may be dark and cold but your Summer bright and green
And I've been to many countries but no finer Land I've seen
Than Canada my Canada with you none can compare
Home of the builder beaver and the wild brown grizzly bear.

'Oh' Canada my Canada for you I oft times yearn
And I've a wish a fervent wish that to you I will return
To you and Nova Scotia and grow to be old man
In Country of my boyhood day where life for me began.

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