It's My Belief

It's my belief, the things we were taught
while growing up, remains with you! Your
behavoir towards others, is an excellent
clue. If you show kindness and respect, it
will always be returned. If you don't, then
there's a lesson here, to be learned! If you
don't pay attentiom, to another persons
needs and want to have everything your
own way, you'll never have a friend! In
order to get along, you have to know, right
from wrong and learn, how to bend. In this
world, it's a give and take proposition, if
you want to make it through. Just give it
a lot of thought, then remember, what you
were taught, I have no qualms, that's exactly,
what you're going to do!

by Audrey Heller

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voice of affection expressed in a 'kiss' Nice!
Nice poem. Written in the stanzaic form of a quatrain. Embellished with a beautiful rhyme scheme of ab ab CD CD... SylvaOnyemaUba