I Want To Hold Your Hand And Walk A Mile! !

I want to hold your hand and walk a mile
dont want to miss u, even a while

My life is so beautiful coz
Dear its u My Life

Hug me for my worries to die
my tears to dry and
my lonliness to fly

It hurts me to know
how i sometimes can be lil selfish
when it comes to u

I am gettin sentimental over you
for good sake explain me why all these

I miss u every moment of the day
I keep me awake just to listen to you
I keep me empty just for you to fill
I keep me alive just to see you

My morning miss you
my evenings seeks you
Where were you all these years?
y were u not there to wipe my tears?

Fear of future is worth then pain of the past
still i bother the least, you are there

even seconds are to long to miss you
I want to hold your hand and walk a mile
dont want to miss you even a while! ! !

by jennifer carranza

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But was it worth at all? To live and feel, and enjoy each moment of Life or to suffer... This life, yet was it still a life or a living death, or perhaps, a perishing life?
The writer has accepted his fate: this lady has lost her faith in him, but he reckons he has writen the truth, and is prepared to pay the price ah sadness is apon him but he soldiers on.