Sky Song

The flower of the Alps told the seashell: "You're shining"
The seashell told the sea: "You echo"
The sea told the boat: "You're shuddering"
The boat told the fire: "You're glowing brightly"
The fire told me: "I glow less brightly than her eyes"
The boat told me: "I shudder less than your heart does when she appears"
The sea told me: "I echo less than her name does in your love-making"
The seashell told me: "I shine less brightly than the phosphorus of desire in your hollow dream"
The flower of the Alps told me: "She's beautiful"
I said: "She's beautiful, so beautiful, she moves me."

by Robert Desnos

Comments (11)

'And in one death what various comfort dies! ' - death brings discomfort and despair to the survivors, a pall of gloom descends.
'the fond parent's breast' The loss especially of a child must be so hard to bear
enjoyed this great poem very much- For joys to this terrestrial state unknown, And glories richer than the monarch's crown.
When a believer passes on...our mourning is crowned with joy of knowing he is indeed gone to a better place. All the same we shall miss them... Very expertly written with deep spiritual overtones while grieving.
Wow wow wow...What a poem...from Africa? ? ? ....Don't know their poets with stylish pen like this.....+10....Thank you Poemhunter, for choosing this as the poem of the day! .
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