Frivolous Spring Love

love when new
puts a spring in step
a desire to sing
in hearts of lovers two

sublime love
elates consumes

lies destroys toys
two brittle hearts

spring bloom fades
in winter’s new tune
hard bites ice attrition
testifies past frozen lies

by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)


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Is this poem related to libertinism? I gather there is an intrinsic thematic link among Rochester, Aphra, Etherege, Dorset in terms of hedonism, individualism that can be related to 'To his Coy Mistress'. I underline these meaningful lines conveying the topic of 'carpe diem': - But while it does, let us take care - Each minute be with pleasure past: Maybe, there is a link between this topic and Hobbes (as Bernd Dietz infers in his book on Rochester (1989: 45) : The present onely has a being in Nature; things Past have a being in the Memory onely, but things to come have no being at all; the Future being but a fiction of the mind, applying the sequels of actions Past, to the actions that are present; which with most certainly is done by him that has most Experience; but not with certainty enough.