Love Boat


The depths and heights clinched us
up, down, bow, stern
starboard, port
hint of an eddy

Answering the wind
pulling the waters to the air
throwing up a slope
to its absorbing depths

Rocking, swaying inside
we were the ballast;
then, sated with foam, the winds
found ease, sighed down
as the cloud-clad sun disrobed

And we absorbed the wind,
our ballast clinch
kindled an answering flame
as we two shed our clouds.

Up, down, bow, stern
starboard, port

Answering our passion
Stronger than the waves,
the boat capsized,
turned turtle
with our embrace
and to the eddies bore us
to carry our yearning
from water to land.

The shore was steady,
we made the earthquake.


by David Russell

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