Father Figure

my thoughts are silent,
my breaths slow and deep.
my look makes you think.... violent,
but your look... makes me weep.

but i dont weep for you,
but you weep for me.
the tunnel ive made it through,
the tunnel you cant even see.

my strength i get from my mother,
your weakness i did not take.
i try and pass it to my brother,
to him your a hero, to me your a fake.

he is too young now,
too young to see who you are.
to you he may bow,
but youll soon seem so far.

your good qualities lost,
my good qualities shine.
your feelings hes almost tossed,
and mine he follows like a vine.

soon he'll be like me,
youll love him but youll hate him.
like me he'll make you see,
it is you who made life dim.

i am not mad you,
nor is my bother.
i love you too,
but our strength comes from our mother,
and that you did yourself.

by Eric Karns

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