Your Words

Three words of faith
you said to me
I love you dear
you set me free

Free of pain
free of tears
you've been there
through all these years

You get me through
the good and the bad
when I'm happy
and when I'm sad

Don't let me go
stay by my side
to you, I know
I can confide

You are an angel
sent from above
you flew in my heart
just like a dove

I hope these words
you say are true
until I know
I won't say I love you.

by erin maher

Comments (8)

They could use this poem in the dictionary to illustrate the meaning of Passionate
A beautiful poem and very enjoyable to read. Thanks for sharing.
what a lovely poem we have here. i love this, beautiful rhymes all over
An awesome poem with so much word power.
An awesome narration with equally awesome dance of emotions. Thanks for sharing it here.
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