To A Loved One

I love you, and I know that you have heard it before from all the other girls in your life but I had to tell you. When I talk to you I feel free, and I know I can talk to you about anything. When I see you I feel happy you are totally different than the other huys I have been with. I know you probably heard this from the other girls also, but I have to tell you...this is really the only thing I can say, and ifyou don't accept it, then to bad...I will always love you until I die. I will not get on my hands and knees begging for you, I will not shower you will flowers or candy or music or cards filled with words of love and happy endings. Because I told you how I feel about you, now it you who has to make the first move, you who has to decide if you love me the same way, not me. I love you, and I told, do you love me too?

by Marsadee Flowers

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