Saburi[ Patience]

Control of anger,
Creating of grace,
Out of materialic race,
Helping the poor with good pace,
Arising of conscience,
All human`s conference,
With much patience,

by dr. ram sharma

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' The present only toucheth thee'.........wise mouse!
I love this poem, it has given me such inspiration over the years.
The audio rendition of To a Mouse is absolutely horrendous. The reader spells word contractions instead of pronouncing the shortened word. For example, wi is spelled out as N A, instead of pronounced wi as in with. I expected a true Scottish rendition instead of some amateurish attempt. Additionally, the reader knows nothing about reading poetry. You should really remove the audio. It's embarrassing.
As a schoolboy in Scotland the works of Burns featured heavily in our English lessons. This was always one of my favourites and I can still recite it from memory nearly 50 years later.
I remember my mother telling me this and many more of robby burns poems, but this was my favorate, brings back fond memorys
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