My Dream

Have you ever had a dream?
When you're playing in the park or strolling down a stream?
With me in my dream are my family and friends
Some dream could be so intense

I was playing inside my room
When suddenly, I was attacked by a broom
It hit me so hard that I fell on the ground
And my friends laughed at me as if I'm a clown

A great earthquake increased my fear
All of us shouted the words 'Oh dear! '
I closed my eyes and thought I was dead
The next thing I new, I was hit on the head

I didn't like my dream not one bit
Clothes came to life, clothes I had fit
A great wind opened the window
With a whoosh the wind had blew

I really need to wake up myself
While I was thinking, I saw an elf
He was holding a stick that looked so old
But it is made of solid gold

I told that I want to wake up
And he told me to spin a big top
After a second I woke up in a fright
And that was my dream on that scary night

by Geneen Meyers

Comments (9)

Here the poet brings us to a different perspective. We see the ironies of life that face all.... great and small. So precious!
' The present only toucheth thee'.........wise mouse!
I love this poem, it has given me such inspiration over the years.
The audio rendition of To a Mouse is absolutely horrendous. The reader spells word contractions instead of pronouncing the shortened word. For example, wi is spelled out as N A, instead of pronounced wi as in with. I expected a true Scottish rendition instead of some amateurish attempt. Additionally, the reader knows nothing about reading poetry. You should really remove the audio. It's embarrassing.
As a schoolboy in Scotland the works of Burns featured heavily in our English lessons. This was always one of my favourites and I can still recite it from memory nearly 50 years later.
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