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To A New Millionaire

I do not envy you your wealth and money
Since I've been told that you are a millionaire
You've made the top from your humble beginnings
And high achievers such as you are very rare

You've made it though the odds were stacked against you
The dark horse who has caused the big surprise
And I feel that congragulations are in order
To you on your business acumen and enterprise.

But if you've made it to the top by trodding upon others
And from others losses your fortune did grow
Then you should not feel proud of your achievements
And you are one I would not wish to know.

The millionaires are entitled to their fortunes
If they earn their millions in the honest way
But if they cheat and cause others to suffer
Then to karma there's a price for them to pay.

I don't begrudge the millionaires their money
For such small mindedness life is too brief
Though how some grow wealthy give rise for concern
Perhaps mine is an old fashioned belief.

I've heard that you are in the millionaires club
And what I've heard I assume to be true
May you grow wealthier and may you be happy
And may good health always remain with you.

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