Ulterior Motives

Fearful of the unknown, I'm stuck in my ways
Choosing good paths that lead me a stray
I'm down, I am defeat by trying to live right
My present is grim and my future is out of sight
The place I wanted to disappear to no longer exist
The world gets everything and I can't get one wish
But that's life
The trials and tribulations coexisting when you want to survive
Not to commit suicide, I just want to live right
I want to serve God with a tarnished faith
I want to pray but can't; who do I pray to
Uncertainty is the winner  
And Love is the destroyer
I am utterly alone
This world has made laps around me
Everything and everyone moves on
I am still here
Everyone seeking their own interests while I seek yours
Everyone wants you but who want my flaws
I should have remained selfish and not act selfless
But Anita Crystal Rose Khelawan I am the one who loves you best


by Anita Khelawan

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This poem is beautiful. Every time I read it, I can see and hear this poor old woman munching on her plum. The rhythm of this is truly inspiring.