Trampled On

Most suicides occur here in the West,
where technology and commerce reign supreme.

Depression, like cancer, is a modern growth:
always there, but never quite like now,
when basic needs are covered, more or less,
and life's a quest for extras.

Television shows us health and wealth;
perfect bodies; gorgeous homes; fast cars -
unattainable for most, but longed-for.

So we scuttle through brief lives
and fret to grab our morsels of such dreams.

We, re ants, society's an elephant -
we're trampled on.

by Robert Melliard

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I had the great pleasure of meeting Michael Ondaatje after a reading of his works, both novels and poetry. I shared with him that I am a teacher and have used his poetry with my high school students. 'To A Sad Daughter' is a wonderful example of how man forms stereotypes, and the wise among us refuse to accept them. This adventure with Ondaatje made me a groupie of his forever... His prose, too, is poetry!
I have read most of your novels and they are great. This poetry is great. It hit home for me. It's ironic for a teacher like me to have struggles with my daughter in terms of her schooling and yet I had and have so many students who admire what I do for them in my class. Jona
Michael, I never had a daughter, just 5 sons. But when I read your poem, 'To a Sad Daughter', I felt as if she was my own daughter, the one I never had, It was like sitting on a veranda having a cool drink with you and talking about our daughters. Your poem went straight to my heart. I once wrote one to honor my daughters-in-law, but I would now call that one superficial compared to yours. Keep trying to see the Divine Light as it inspires you to keep writing. Willem